Matteo Vajente

Matteo Vajente

ESR 01


Synthetic biology to streamline the metabolism of C. necator
toward the production of rare amino acids and proteins

Host/Lead University:

University of Groningen

Main Supervisor:

Prof. Dr. Gerrit J. Poelarends and Dr. Sandy Schmidt

Second University:

RWTH Aachen University

Second Supervisor:

Prof. Lars M. Blank

Secondments to:

RWTH Aachen University; LegenDairy Foods GmbH

My background:

I have a background in Industrial Biotechnologies, focused on molecular biology in yeasts.

My scientific interests:

I am interested in genetic manipulation of autotrophic organisms, to create products using CO2 as a resource.

My hobbies:

Hiking, yoga, calligraphy, music. May have random bursts of passion for unexpected topics.

If I would not have become a scientist I might have become a …

Probably an engineer

I really do not like …

Bad color palettes

I can get really enthusiastic about …

Musicals, historical handwriting and turtleneck sweaters

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